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Push to Digitalization Boosts Cybersecurity Investment

According to a recent Crunchbase report, 2020 was a record year for cybersecurity investments, with more than $7.8 billion invested in the industry globally. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation for many companies, forcing organizations to increase the interconnectivity of their assets and move more business activities to the cloud. This, ... Read More
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Diversity in the Cybersecurity Workforce

Like most technology workforce segments, the cybersecurity diversity issue is a very acute problem: there simply isn’t nearly enough representation of diverse backgrounds in cybersecurity roles, from security operations center (SOC) analysts all the way up through enterprise-level CISOs and board members. Erkang Zheng, founder and CEO of JupiterOne, said ... Read More
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computer forensics

Should You Hire a Computer Forensics Specialist?

The need for computer and digital forensics experts is growing significantly due to the increase in cyberattacks, with digital forensics skillsets becoming a critical element in helping IT security teams learn from security incidents. This type of knowledge, also referred to as computer forensics, allows IT security professionals to learn ... Read More
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Fileless Malware, Endpoint Attacks on the Rise

Cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging fileless malware, cryptominers and encrypted attacks, targeting users both at remote locations as well as corporate assets behind the traditional network perimeter. These were among the findings of WatchGuard Technologies’ Internet Security Report for Q4 2020, which found fileless malware and cryptominer attack rates grew by ... Read More
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Salesforce AppSec Changing Face of Web Application Security

Building Immunity at AppSec Insertion Points

The fundamentals of a formal, effective application security plan should start with business objectives, tools, processes and most of all, data, with the primary driver for securing applications focused on protecting data. While it is important to surgically address the insecurities in a mission-critical application, it is equally important to ... Read More
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Apple macOS Apple's New Privacy and Security Features: A Closer Look

Report Finds Surge in Malware Aimed at MacOS

Malware targeting Apple’s macOS is on the rise—and fast—according to an investigation by Atlas VPN, which reported 674,273 new malware samples were found in 2020, up from just 56,556 samples detected in 2019. That’s an increase of 1,092%, with malicious actors creating an average of 1,847 threats aimed at Apple’s ... Read More
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monitoring Verkada IoT AI surveillance

IoT Security in the Wake of the Verkada Breach

The security breach of security camera startup Verkada, which gave hackers access to videos from nearly 150,000 cameras – including those in prisons, schools, hospitals and electric car giant Tesla -means organizations deploying cloud-based IoT devices should give their security plans another look. The hackers were able to gain access ... Read More
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Patch Management in the Post-SolarWinds Era

The SolarWinds breach, in which hackers inserted malware into software updates sent to thousands of customers and created a backdoor to their IT systems, suggests organizations need to seriously rethink patch management. Until recently, installing patches and keeping systems up to date was purely a risk reduction exercise, but IT ... Read More
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Secure Offboarding Best Practices

The remote work conditions set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a host of new challenges for IT departments – one that’s often overlooked is securely offboarding employees. It’s an especially tricky task to locate the multiple undocumented points of entry into the organization’s network, especially in ... Read More
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