Okta Enables Entire Organization to Participate in Cybersecurity Defense

At its Okta Showcase event, Okta launched Okta SecurityInsights to expand the base of individuals who can act on cybersecurity threats as they emerge. Joe Diamond, senior director of product marketing for Okta, said as it becomes more apparent that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, there is a growing need ... Read More
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OASIS to Lead Cybersecurity Interoperability Initiative

At a Borderless Cyber event today, 18 cybersecurity vendors threw their weight behind a cybersecurity interoperability initiative being led by OASIS, an industry consortium that lately has taken the lead on several cybersecurity initiatives. Based on an interoperability initiative initially kicked off by IBM Security and McAfee, the Open Cybersecurity ... Read More
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third-party code

Survey: Third-Party Code Proves Vulnerable

A recent survey of 307 IT professionals conducted Osterman Research on behalf of PerimeterX, a provider of cybersecurity tools for web applications, suggests there’s a lot of third-party code running on websites that no one can say with any certainty is truly secure. The survey finds less a third (31%) ... Read More
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IBM z15 mainframe

IBM Adds Encryption Everywhere Capabilities to the Mainframe

IBM today unveiled a z15 mainframe that takes advantage of additional processing horsepower to create Trusted Data Objects that allow organizations to employ Privacy Passports technology to encrypt data across a hybrid cloud computing environment. Trusted Data Objects are attached to encrypted data to create a central point to track ... Read More
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IBM Advances Cryptography Ahead of Quantum Computers

IBM is gearing up to deliver quantum-safe cryptography services on the IBM public cloud next year and is now making available a prototype of what it claims to be the first quantum computing-safe enterprise-class tape ever developed. Announced at the Second Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Conference organized by the National Institute ... Read More
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printer security

Report: Printers Remain Soft Security Underbelly

It’s long been established that printers attached to networks often are poorly defended and a weak link that security criminals exploit routinely. After all, the hard drives embedded in these devices often contain images of sensitive documents ranging from passports to purchase orders. Despite the increased awareness of this issue, ... Read More
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VMware security

VMware To Create Security Business Unit Post-Carbon Black Buy

VMware has signaled it plans to create a dedicated cloud security business unit in the wake of agreeing this week to acquire Carbon Black, a provider of an endpoint security service based on machine learning algorithms and Big Data analytics, for $2.1 billion. During a call with industry analysts, VMware ... Read More
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hybrid cloud

Box Shield Embeds Security Controls in Document Service

Box Inc. today moved to secure the content flowing through its namesake document sharing and management platform by making available Box Shield, a set of threat detection and governance controls that can be applied to any type of file. Jeetu Patel, chief product officer for Box, said Box Shield provides ... Read More
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chaos engineering

WhiteHat Report: DevSecOps Adoption on the Rise

More organizations have embraced best DevSecOps practices, according to a report published by WhiteHat Security, a subsidiary of NTT Security focused on application security. However, the report also notes that although more vulnerabilities are being discovered, thanks mainly to increased collaboration between developers and cybersecurity professionals, the rate at which ... Read More
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DevSecOps pillars

Report Identifies 6 DevSecOps Pillars

At the Black Hat USA conference, the DevSecOps Working Group of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced it has published a report identifying the six pillars on which any set of best DevSecOps processes should be based. John Yeoh, global vice president of research for the CSA, said that although ... Read More
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