SMB security

Report Shines Light on Extent of SMB Insecurity

Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have emerged as the weakest cybersecurity link mainly because so many of them continue to rely on antiquated software that is easy to exploit. That’s the finding of a recent report from managed security services provider Alert Logic The research report, based on an analysis of 4,000 ... Read More
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cloud security

Barracuda Networks Extends Cloud Security Reach to Azure

Barracuda Networks today announced it has extended the reach of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for managing cloud security to now include Microsoft Azure. Previously available only on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Security Guardian now comes pre-loaded with security policies based on CIS Benchmarks. It uses that foundation to generate ... Read More
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Midsized Businesses Need Enterprise-Sized Security

Threat Stack Embeds Application Security Monitoring Tool

Threat Stack announced it has added Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring, an application runtime protection and risk detection tool, to the Threat Stack Cloud Security platform at no additional cost to users. That capability is based on runtime monitoring tools the company gained by acquiring Bluefyre last year. At the ... Read More
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VMware Moves to Close Cybersecurity Loop

VMware Moves to Close Cybersecurity Loop

VMware announced the general availability of another CloudHealth by VMware service that detects vulnerabilities and threats in real-time while also identifying cloud infrastructure that is potentially at risk of being compromised. Jason Needham, head of product for cross-cloud services at VMware, said VMware Secure State leverages cloud APIs, change events ... Read More
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Fortinet SD-WAN

Fortinet Launches Secure Branch Initiative

Fortinet today launched an initiative to integrate firewalls and software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) to make it easier to secure a branch office. The Fortinet SD-Branch portfolio consists of the company’s firewall that has been extended to include an SD-WAN alongside Fortinet switches, access points and network access control (NAC) ... Read More
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AI Vectra Funding

Vectra Raises $100M More for Cybersecurity AI

Vectra has garnered another $100 million in funding to accelerate development of a threat detection and response system running in the cloud that makes extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI). This latest round of funding brings the total investment in Vectra to $200 million. Company CEO Hitesh Sheth said Vectra’s ... Read More
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Orca Security Cloud Security Funding

Orca Security Picks Up $6.5M to Improve Cloud Security

Orca Security has picked up an additional $6.5 million in funding to further development of an analytics platform that provides visibility into cloud applications and infrastructure without requiring organizations to deploy agent software and network scanners. Company CEO Avi Shua said the Orca Cloud Visibility Platform, scheduled to be available ... Read More
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Edgewise Networks Simplifies Microsegmentation

Fresh off raising an additional $11 million in financing, Edgewise Networks this week launched a platform that enables organizations to apply microsegmentation via a single mouse click. Edgewise Networks CEO Peter Smith said the company’s Zero Trust Auto-Segmentation platform employs machine learning algorithms and analytics to discover the topology of ... Read More
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Sandbox Proof of Concept Best Practices

Check Point Adds Big Data Analytics Platform for Cybersecurity

Check Point Software Technologies this week launched a big data analytics platform providing analytics to give cybersecurity professionals visibility into every application and system they have deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Zohar Alon, head of the cloud product line for Check Point, said the CloudGuard Log.ic ... Read More
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Fileless Malware and How to Detect Them

Report Shines Light on Dark Net

Most cybersecurity professionals are aware that one of the reasons why cybersecurity is so challenging to maintain is that opposition has access to resources that appear to be endless. A new “Dark Net and the Enterprise” report compiled by Dr. Mike McGuire, a criminology lecturer at the University of Surrey ... Read More
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