RDaaS Security: How to Apply Database Audit and Monitoring Controls

As you move data to the cloud, data security and compliance requirements move along with it. This article explains how you can apply database audit and monitoring controls when migrating your database to cloud services ... Read More

Improve the ROI of Your Database Protection Investment

When an organization considers switching a mission-critical compliance or security system from one vendor’s solution to another it’s a very big decision. There is expense involved in acquiring the new solution, it will take time and money to deploy and retrain staff, and it will take careful planning to avoid ... Read More
top 5 data security and compliance capabilities

Cloud Database Migration Peer Insights [Report]

Not long ago, for security, compliance or other reasons, it was unthinkable for many regulated organizations to move sensitive data into the cloud. It’s striking how things have changed. Maybe it was inevitable that services like email were cloud migration candidates. People trust Microsoft, and it’s quite impressive what they ... Read More