Scammed and Confused: A New Twist on Tax Scams

The emergence of e-commerce is also seeing a proliferation of digital scams, from schemes that target your online banking app to cons aimed at hijacking your tax return. What can consumers do to stay safe while still availing themselves of powerful online services? ... Read More

We Can Do Better At Controlling For Risk Today As Well As Tomorrow

From a risk perspective, prevention focuses on minimizing vulnerability and the potential for harm, while detection and response focus on minimizing damage. A control architecture should assume that attempts at compromise are inevitable—but we should also understand that it is possible to achieve real prevention for 99% or more of ... Read More
Senator Markey Discusses Cybersecurity Technology & New Legislation - March 22, 2017

Cyber Shield Act of 2017 – a Path for Continuous Improvement

As a country and as a society, we need incentives to encourage vendors and manufacturers to improve the security posture of their products. This, in turn, improves overall security in the creation cycle of technology. We need to encourage the modernization of security capabilities that can prevent malicious code, pre-execution, ... Read More

The Security Risks of Emerging Technologies

These days, it’s hard to read the news or watch TV without seeing reports of new threats: cybercrime, data breaches, industrial espionage, and potential destruction of national infrastructure. While the cycle of innovation brings new opportunity, digital disasters may be looming if we don’t manage the risks ahead ... Read More

The Economic Benefits of Emerging Technologies

Malcolm Harkins discusses the economic benefits and security challenges of new and emerging technologies, including an overview of the internet of things (IoT), quantum computing and qubits, blockchain and bitcoin, artificial intelligence and machine learning ... Read More