Professionally Evil Web App Pen Testing 101 Course

UPDATE: Updated the done steps. below. Also changed the links from S3 to Git. Since our founding in 2010 Secure Ideas has always tried to focus on education and increasing the amount of available knowledge in our field. As such we have contributed to courses, presented at conferences around the ... Read More

Full disclosure debate…. again?

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The full disclosure debate has raged over the years again and again. While I am sure that many people are tired of hearing about it, sometimes things happen that provide a new look at the idea and the conversation. Shadow Brokers and the NSA leak is a great example of ... Read More

Incident Response services now available!

Security Incident Response is like firefighting: it’s not something you need everyday, but when you need it, you want the best, and you want it fast. We’re proud to announce our new cyber security incident response team, and we’d like to tell you what they do, and how best to ... Read More