High Sierra could not turn on FileVault

High Sierra and FileVault® Compatibility Issues

Many IT admins have been faced with a barrage of issues with managing Mac® users and systems as they have been upgrading their macOS® systems to High Sierra. One such issue is that High Sierra makes it difficult to turn on FileVault®, a disk encryption feature that is built into ... Read More
self-service password resets

G Suite™ Self-Service Password Resets

G Suite™ is one of the most popular productivity solutions for business users. Originally going by the name Google Apps, it arrived on the scene roughly a decade ago. It was brought on as a way to eliminate on-prem software such as Microsoft Exchange®, Office®, and Windows File Server. Now, ... Read More
Better Okta alternatives

Is There A Better Okta® Out There?

As the single sign-on (SSO) market heats up and more players file in, a common question arises. Okta® has done a tremendous job of being the cloud hosted web application single sign-on leader since going public in 2017. However, as the big dogs like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft® enter the ... Read More
moving directory services to the cloud

Justifying Moving Directory Services to the Cloud

As the IT landscape changes and shifts, there’s been a migration to the cloud. However, not all IT management tools have made the shift to the cloud. Directory services, for example, has been one of the last IT management categories to make the jump for a number of reasons, primarily ... Read More
Active Directory and Okta are competitors in web app SSO

Comparing Azure® Active Directory® and Okta®

As more IT organizations begin to shift their identity management infrastructure to the cloud, the competition for SaaS identity management solutions is heating up. In the web application single sign-on, also known as SSO, landscape, it is often Azure® Active Directory® vs Okta®. In fact, Microsoft and Okta have a ... Read More