Cannabis Retailers: Don’t Get Caught in the Cyber Weeds

With the growing number of states that have legalized the sale of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use, retailers have become targets of cyberattacks, according to a new whitepaper, “Growing Cyber Threats Against Cannabis Retailers,” authored by Matt Dunn, associate managing director in Kroll’s Cyber Risk practice. The paper ... Read More
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summer security

Summer Security: Hackers Don’t Take Time Off

Employees are introducing more security risks while working during their summer vacation, one report says If you’re sitting in the waiting area of any airport around the world with headphones on, listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime,” you’re one of many. Checking emails on your phone ... Read More
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human behavior

Behavior Analysis: Getting an Inside Track on Insider Threats

Understanding human behavior can help organizations better identify and root out malicious insiders Whether it’s a former student coming onto a college campus and destroying the school computers with a malicious USB or some other presumably trusted individual who intends to cause harm to the business, organizations are increasingly concerned ... Read More
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Developing Nations Cybercrime

Will Developing Nations Turn to Cybercrime to Fuel Their Economy?

Vietnam is one developing nation believed to be using cyberattacks to generate money As banks and financial institutions are increasingly targeted by financially motivated malicious actors the world over, protecting these organizations from cyberthreats is increasingly important, yet expensive. While developed and more affluent nations are able to invest in ... Read More
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Women in Cybersecurity No Longer an 'Anomaly'

Women in Cybersecurity No Longer an ‘Anomaly’

Truth be told, there are many women in cybersecurity who are tired of talking about women in the industry as if they are anomalies. For many female professionals, it’s far past the time for the narrative to change. Rather than be seen as a token representative of their sex, these ... Read More
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Election Security: Back-to-Basics Approach Best Bet

Election Security: Back-to-Basics Approach Best Bet

Any conversation about the security of our digital future inevitably involves the subject of election security. Whether it’s an attempt to mitigate the risk of foreign adversaries using misinformation to influence national elections or mitigating the vulnerabilities in voting systems across different municipalities, ensuring the integrity of election results is ... Read More
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Business Security Employee Cyber Hygiene

In Business Security, Employee Cyber Hygiene Matters

Making employees aware of their impact is integral to a successful business security strategy When children cover their eyes and insist no one can see them, it’s cute. But when the majority of American adults use the same strategy to protect themselves from cyberattacks, it’s a costly and growing crisis ... Read More
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Attack of the Killer USBs

Attack of the Killer USBs: Don’t Be the Next Victim

Analyzing the threat ‘Killer USBs’ can be to a company’s sensitive data and networks When cybersecurity practitioners think about USBs, it’s often in the context of social engineering. A nefarious actor perhaps drops a malicious USB in or around the office space, hoping that an unsuspecting employee will pick it ... Read More
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Transportation and Security Software Glitches

Transportation and Security: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Software Glitches

Spring has rained down on the aviation industry with a couple of rough storms. On the heels of multiple airlines having to delay nearly 800 flights due to an unidentified glitch in software from third-party vendor Aerodata, an initial investigation report on the crash of Ethiopian Airlines that left 50 ... Read More
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Streaming Platforms Advance Gaming Security

Will Streaming Platforms Advance Gaming Security to a New Level?

Game developers represent some of today’s most passionate artists who toil—sometimes in their basements ’til the wee hours of the morn—to create a complex work of art that infuses story, sound and visuals to both engage and challenge the players. They bring life to the words of Shakespeare, who said ... Read More
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