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Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on a Highway | WIRED

Halloween Tales of the IoT Crypt

| | Website Security
In the spirit of Halloween, we bring you some of the scariest internet of things (IoT) hacks that we have been made aware of. While this does not really focus on website security, it is still an interesting topic when you think about cybersecurity as a whole. Watching over a ... Read More
Why You Should Backup Your Website

Who is Responsible for the Security of Your Website?

On a daily basis at Sucuri, we hear things like: “My host takes care of my website security.” “I have never been hacked, so why should I care?” Or here’s a personal favorite: “I’ll take care of it if (when) it happens.” Let’s be honest, no one wants to think ... Read More
What is Cross-Site Contamination & How to Prevent It

How to Choose a Website Security Provider

As more people are creating websites and becoming aware of website security, companies are popping up everywhere to help with the problem. And just like website security plugins, not all website security services are created equal. Here at Sucuri, we believe that you should do your research so you know ... Read More
What is Cross-Site Contamination & How to Prevent It

How to Prevent Cross-Site Contamination for Beginners

What is Cross-Site Contamination? Cross-site contamination happens when a hacked site infects other sites on a shared server. Think of it as your kid in daycare catching the flu, next thing you know, everybody in the family has it as well. The same happens with websites. A site can be ... Read More