Proton is back, again

The backdoor malware OSX/Proton has resurfaced. This time it’s distributed by a fake blog, reporting on a fake malware story, linking to a fake malware scanner which contains the Proton installer. For the full story, have a look here. The post Proton is back, again appeared first on SecuritySpread ... Read More

VirusBarrier Scanner, now in the App Store!

The year is 2011 and Intego has two antivirus solutions available in the Mac App Store; VirusBarrier Express and VirusBarrier Plus. These were my go-to recommendations for anyone that wanted or needed an antivirus product. In 2014 the apps were pulled from the App Store as the limitations the App ... Read More

Apple Releases macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra, iOS 11.1 with Security Fixes

| | 10.13.1, High Sierra, security
Today Apple has released security updates for macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS and Safari. Also released were previously undisclosed notes about security fixes from past updates.The biggest issue addressed in all operating systems was one or more KRACK vulnerabilities. Unfortunately Apple did not make those specific fixes available to all users ... Read More

Stay safe while using mac OS 9

| | Classic, Intego, Mac OS 9, security
No, this is not a draft that’s been sitting for 17 years that I forgot about until now. Mac OS 9: Some Love for the Classics! was written in 2017 🙂 I frequently use Mac OS 9 on several older systems and I am certainly not alone. Huge communities of ... Read More

OSX/Proton malware is back

| | Eltima, Malware, OSX/Proton, Proton.C, security
You may recall mid 2017 Handbrake’s download server was compromised and the software was repackaged and made to install malware, alongside the actual Handbrake app. Fast forward to last week, the same attack (supply-chain attack) was used on Eltima, makers of Elmedia Player. Their download server was compromised and the ... Read More

Be sure you are prepared for iOS 11

| | iOS 11, iOS Update, Just an update
This exact article is recycled every year when a new iOS is about to be released. I have edited it where needed and republished it so you can be ready for next week’s upgrade to iOS 11. Cutting it close this year but here goes! Today iOS 11 will be ... Read More

DuckDuckGo or StartPage – Update announcement

The article “DuckDuckGo or StartPage – 2016 Update” was received very well and just like the original 2013 article it’s racked up a lot of views. I’m glad people find it helpful. In December DuckDuckGo reached out to me for comments and feedback and this started an update process which ... Read More

Why security is best in layers

| | security
A few weeks ago an IT admin at a university discovered a piece of Mac malware that, until then, no-one was aware of. As it was likely part of a targeted attack, not a single antivirus solution knew of it so no protection was offered against it. The malware was ... Read More

How to deal with iCloud Calendar spam

| | Calendar, Cloud Security, ICloud, security, Spam
Spammers have found a way to get spam into your calendar and all you have to do to facilitate it, is simply by receiving their email. macOS and iOS automatically scan your emails for events, dates and times that are mentioned and creates a calendar event for you. A very ... Read More

If you can’t afford the latest Mac or run the latest OS

Last week Apple announced the new MacBook Pro. A revolutionary new way to use your Mac with Touch Bar, the ultimate tool of every trade, the brightest and most colorful display yet, more responsive keyboard, more expansive trackpad, it’s thinner, it’s lighter…. and costs you over $4300 if you want ... Read More