Android Virtual Device for a Mobile PenTest

How to configure Android (Virtual) for Mobile PenTest

This post is about setting up an Android Virtual Machine (AVD) for a mobile application penetration test ... Read More

Cooking up Better Security Incident Communications

| | Breach, Business
I am fond of meal kits. I enjoy the entire experience: the scrolling through delicious-looking meal descriptions, the excitement of receiving a package full of ingredients, the smells while learning how to make the recipe, and of course tasting that first bite of the new things you created with your ... Read More

Once upon a time there was a WebSocket

This is the story from one of our recent penetration testing engagements. Still, the story is a familiar one for those who are testing newer web applications that use one of the multitudes of evolving web app platforms built on a poorly understood technology stack. In this case, we ran ... Read More
Security Review of Nest Camera

Security Review of Nest Camera

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I love tinkering with home automation and security solutions. The simplicity of turning on a light bulb with a voice command makes me giddy, and I totally geek out over building scripts with more complex interactions between multiple devices. So, I recently purchased an Outdoor Nest Camera to point at ... Read More