SAML vs. LDAP, Access Protocol Comparison

Both SAML and LDAP are access protocols commonly used in a wide variety of organizations, but they have different use cases and areas of effectiveness. They’re both used to facilitate RADIUS communication to other parts of the PKI for authentication, ... Read More The post SAML vs. LDAP, Access Protocol ... Read More

Multi-Factor Authentication for Okta VPN

When it comes to authentication security, one of the simplest upgrades you can make that will drastically improve your network’s safety is to implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Simply put, MFA is any security system that requires multiple forms of identification ... Read More The post Multi-Factor Authentication for Okta VPN ... Read More

User Lookup With Certificate-Based Authentication

Traditionally, the process of authenticating certificates for network access is independent of the user directory. And in a normally-functioning network environment, this is perfectly acceptable. Certificate-based authentication is ironclad and protects the network from unauthorized entry. Only in very rare, ... Read More The post User Lookup With Certificate-Based Authentication ... Read More
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Can I Set Up Microsoft NPS in the Cloud?

Microsoft’s Network Policy Server (NPS) is a AAA RADIUS server used for a number of different types of network connections. It can be used for wireless authentication, VPN connections, dial-up, and more. But as organizations continue to move to cloud-based ... Read More The post Can I Set Up Microsoft ... Read More
The certificate chain of trusts ensures both parties can safely exchange information

A Guide to Server Certificates

What are Server Certificates? Server certificates are an extremely recurrent piece of software that the average network user has no knowledge of but encounters every time the user accesses the internet. To any person within the technology industry, they are ... Read More The post A Guide to Server Certificates ... Read More
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Are Passwords Secure?

Credential-based authentication is the method nearly all network users are used to and has been a common tool for decades. But unlike other decades-old technology, passwords have not been phased out of regular use. Now more than ever, passwords pose ... Read More The post Are Passwords Secure? appeared first ... Read More

The Importance of Authentication Security

Authentication acts as the gateway to allow access to valuable data only to those who are approved by the organization. But bad actors seem to be a step ahead of network security professionals. Many security professionals experience burnout in their ... Read More The post The Importance of Authentication Security ... Read More
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Installing S/MIME Certificates with SecureW2

Ensuring the security and privacy of email messages is paramount to an organization’s ability to function. Vital information and data are shared over email every day, and the opportunity for bad actors to infiltrate a network through email-based methods is ... Read More The post Installing S/MIME Certificates with SecureW2 ... Read More
Authenticating to Hotspot 2.0

Mobile Authentication with 802.11u

As mobile device users continue to expect stronger roaming connections and faster data speeds, Wi-Fi Alliance developed PassPoint to meet these high standards. It allows users to easily transfer from wireless network to wireless network as they travel and enjoy ... Read More The post Mobile Authentication with 802.11u appeared ... Read More
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PKI Delivery Software for Every Device

While the advantages of certificate-based authentication over credential-based are well documented, many still experience the barrier to entry of provisioning devices with certificates. This is certainly a valid concern for organizations that institute manual configuration policies and neglect to use ... Read More The post PKI Delivery Software for Every ... Read More