Canadian Employers: You’re Competing Globally for Talent

During a discussion with a group from the Canadian infosec community, the group repeatedly lamented the state of salaries in Canada. It seemed to really boil down the fact: employers seem to be unwilling to pay for top talent. It’s competitive locally! During some discussion, it seemed that the job ... Read More

Threat Visualization

A way to visualize IP addresses and their countries of origin. Use it for web traffic, or hostile attacker. The difference between good and bad is the difference between red and green. See a daily generated copy here, and follow the links for the historical reports. I also decided to ... Read More
sad and lazy

‘Cue the techsplainers’, or, how to antagonize domain experts.

I let out a long sigh as I read the following tweet: “Cue the techsplainers” Which may be in reference to this article. ‘splaining - The missing manual For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of “splaining”, it comes from the term “mansplaining”, in which a man will explain ... Read More