Cyber risk management: safeguarding your organisation

Cyber risk management: safeguarding your organisation

What is cyber risk management? Cyber risk is the identification, analysis and evaluation of cyber risks. It understands and analyses the IT infrastructure, identifies the potential vulnerabilities within different systems, then prioritises the identified risks and makes coordinated efforts to minimise, monitor and control the impact of those risks. Risk ... Read More

Vigilant Software and Cipher team up for financial services win

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Dynamic duo deploy entire suite of risk and compliance products in one contract 27 February 2019 – Information security and compliance specialist Vigilant Software has secured its first major contract through its partnership with managed security expert Cipher. Vigilant Software and Cipher have sold an entire combined suite of risk ... Read More

Strictly private: Why ISO 27001 is a big deal

Information security standards such as those developed and published by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) might not be enshrined in law, but that doesn’t mean they should be viewed as a ‘nice to have’ or an afterthought in your security policies and practices. While there are hundreds of accreditations ... Read More

Vigilant Launches GDPR Manager to Streamline Data Protection and Compliance

New cloud-based product combines four core modules into one single platform to enable easy assessment of data protection practices and GDPR compliance February 2019 – Information security and compliance specialist Vigilant Software has launched an entirely cloud-based GDPR Manager platform to enable organisations to automate GDPR compliance activities and reduce ... Read More

Why should you subscribe for a free trial?

At the beginning of January, Vigilant Software launched a free seven-day trial of its software tools: vsRisk Cloud, the Data Flow Mapping Tool, Compliance Manager, the DPIA Tool and GDPR Manager. A free trial is the best way to understand how our software tools work, and will help you find ... Read More

Could messy data put your merger or acquisition in doubt?

What are your business’s ambitions? Are you hoping to merge with a complementary organisation, or perhaps ultimately be acquired by a bigger player? No doubt you’ve done your research into how to position yourself most attractively. You’ve worked hard to get various key factors in order: your products or services, ... Read More

Why is an information security policy so important?

Information security is all about protecting your organisation’s information, whether digitally or in hard copy. ISO 27000 – which defines the key terms of ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management – defines information security as the “preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information”. After all, information ... Read More

Two thirds of organisations uninsured against a data breach

Two thirds of UK organisations are uninsured against the financial impact of a data breach, a survey has revealed. NTT Security’s Risk:Value 2018 report found that only 29% of organisations have dedicated cyber insurance in place, despite 81% of senior executives touting insurance against data breaches as “vital”. According to ... Read More

The Debt we owe to Arron Banks

However your business is likely to be affected by Brexit, Arron Banks may just have helped you out. How? By drawing attention to the myriad responsibilities organisations have to protect users’ personal data – and the hefty fines they risk incurring if they don’t take it seriously. Leave.EU and an ... Read More

Vigilant Software Expands Risk and Compliance Product Portfolio with Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Tool

The new tool will help data controllers quickly determine whether they need to conduct a DPIA in accordance with GDPR November 2018 – Information security and compliance specialist, Vigilant Software has reinforced its product portfolio with the launch of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) tool. A core part of ... Read More