The Kill Chain Model

The Kill Chain Model Works When Analysts See the Full Picture

Just about every cybersecurity professional is familiar with the cyber kill chain, a set of steps bad actors typically go through with the end goal of stealing valuable data. Reconnaissance. Weaponization. Delivery. Exploitation. Installation. Command and Control. Actions on Objective. Sound familiar? The goal of cyberteams is to detect bad ... Read More
Security Boulevard
Data Loss Prevention Needs a Little Help from Its Friends

Data Loss Prevention Needs a Little Help from Its Friends

I recently read an article on Security Boulevard discussing how to get the most out of data loss prevention (DLP) technology. While much of the byline I agree with, especially the three questions all organizations should be asking to understand their data (What’s sensitive to us? Where does sensitive information ... Read More

Don’t Be a Spreadsheet Junkie

Let’s face it. Most of us have some sort of dependence on Excel and PowerPoint. They serve as our centerpiece for aggregating data and building corporate presentations. However, when it comes to cyber security, neither one should be involved. They slow down the process, leave too much leeway for data ... Read More