Guest Blog, Author at Security Boulevard

Data Backup: Considering Your Options and The Alternative

The simple truth is that people don’t realize that saving information on their local hard drive can easily be lost. How you might ask? Your local hard drive just failed resulting in data loss. Or an organization that works in an environment with restricted access might not be able to ... Read More
measure risks

Why Your Organization Needs To Measure Risks

The importance and need to measure risks can’t be understated. Whether it is performed in the initial Basis of Estimate (BOE) or kickoff meeting, risk identification is one of the first items a project team plans at the beginning of a project. During the BOE or kickoff meeting, the project ... Read More

Social Engineering: The Quick Facts

The purpose of social engineering is for an attacker to utilize numerous tactics and manipulating individuals to divulge information, potentially critical, that could cause serious damage to an organization. While there are many methods that can be utilized to gather material, it’s also important for workers and all organizations to ... Read More