mac system management

Identity Management Capability Mac® System Management

Now more than ever, the IT market is fluctuating in a state of change. The source of that change is a seismic shift from on-prem, legacy solutions to the cloud and new platforms, followed closely by an influx of mobile users and new devices. This progression towards decentralization is born ... Read More
Identity Management Capability Mac<sup>®</sup> User Management

Identity Management Capability Mac® User Management

With so much activity flowing through the IT market today, many IT organizations are searching for innovative ways to handle the changing landscape around them. One area of deep interest that has emerged recently is the identity management capability: Mac® user management. Let’s explore why this area has become a ... Read More
Okta Alternatives

What Are the Best Okta® Alternatives for Startups?

As more startups emerge and begin taking their identity security seriously, IT admins working for these organizations are searching for smart, cost-effective ways to control access to their IT resources. Finding and employing highly scalable, robust IT solutions is vital for their rapid growth, and can help save time and ... Read More
Connect Google Cloud Identity with Windows

Connect Google Cloud Identity with Windows®

As organizations invest in Google® applications and services, such as G Suite™ and Google Cloud Platform™ (GCP), IT admins need to understand how Google Cloud Identity can support their overall identity and access management (IAM) initiatives. A key requirement in that discussion is how to connect a Google Cloud Identity ... Read More
Directory-as-a-Service Replacement

Directory-as-a-Service® Replacement

As more IT admins look to shift their directory services to the cloud, many are coming across the leading solution, JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. As a part of preparing to move from an on-prem identity provider to Directory-as-a-Service, some IT admins are asking whether there is a realistic Directory-as-a-Service replacement. Deconstructing a ... Read More
Answering the Call for Cross-Platform Identity Security

Answering the Call for Cross-Platform Identity Security

Leaders across the IT landscape are reconsidering how they organize and implement their IT infrastructure in order to excel in the modern IT environment. As the occurrences of corporate data breaches continues to soar in the news, with hacked passwords causing 81% of data breaches, identity security has taken center ... Read More
Cloud RADIUS Microservice

Cloud RADIUS Microservice

With good reason, IT admins are starting to get more aggressive about locking down their WiFi networks. After a number of high profile breaches and vulnerabilities (e.g. KRACK), it’s no surprise IT admins want to make sure that their networks are tight and secure. For those looking for the next ... Read More
cloud only active directory

Cloud Only Active Directory®

Is there such a thing as a cloud only Active Directory®? Well, the quick and easy answer is no, at least not from Microsoft®. But, the concept of a cloud directory is very much alive and well, and available, albeit with an interesting twist: there’s no Mac® or Linux® restrictions ... Read More
Cloud Directory Tool

Cloud Directory Tool

If you’re looking around the web and wondering if there’s a cloud directory tool that can be helpful for your IT organization—you’re not alone. The short answer is yes. Without a doubt, you can shift your directory services solution to the cloud for immediate gains while securing a number of ... Read More
What is better than Okta®?

What is better than Okta®?

The identity management world is quite active these days. With companies going public and acquisitions flying off the charts, IT organizations are keen to learn more about how they can leverage IAM technology to better control and secure their organizations. One area of the industry that has been particularly interesting ... Read More