Symbolically Executing WebAssembly in Manticore

With the release of Manticore 0.3.3, we’re proud to announce support for symbolically executing WebAssembly (WASM) binaries. WASM is a newly standardized programming language that allows web developers to run code with near-native performance directly within the browser. Manticore 0.3.3 can explore all reachable states in a WASM program, and ... Read More

Announcing Manticore 0.3.0

Earlier this week, Manticore leapt forward to version 0.3.0. Advances for our symbolic execution engine now include: “fast forwarding” through concrete execution that you don’t care about, support for Linux binaries statically compiled for AArch64, and an interface for selectively solving for interesting test cases. We’ve been working really hard ... Read More
Sienna Locomotive Demo

User-Friendly Fuzzing with Sienna Locomotive

Fuzzing is a great way to find bugs in software, but many developers don’t use it. We hope to change that today with the release of Sienna Locomotive, a new open-source fuzzer for Windows that emphasizes usability. Sienna Locomotive aims to make fuzzing accessible to developers with limited security expertise ... Read More