Hackers Love Companies that Don’t Use Multifactor Authentication

Hackers Love Companies that Don’t Use Multifactor Authentication

It’s remarkable just how many significant security breaches could have been prevented if only multifactor authentication technology had been deployed. A lack of strong authentication is the reason behind the recent breach of the popular mobile app Timehop, which lets users see social media posts from the same date in ... Read More
OneSpan Interview with Julie Conroy: Banking Challenges

Adaptive Authentication – How Precise Security Drives Growth

When it comes to fraud, financial institutions (FIs) find themselves trying to address competing priorities. On the one hand, the need for strong authentication and security continues to rise. Fraud and hacking attempts become more sophisticated each year, and new laws and regulations require stronger customer authentication security – potentially ... Read More
8 Tips for a Secure and Frictionless Mobile First Strategy

8 Tips for a Secure and Frictionless Mobile First Strategy

This blog is based on an article authored by David Vergara, Director of Security Product Marketing, VASCO, that first appeared 2/21/2018 in Credit Union Times. As part of a secure and seamless mobile first strategy, banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions must rethink the customer journey. Financial institutions strategically ... Read More
Faces of Fraud

Survey Reveals Fraud Schemes Too Sophisticated and Evolve Too Quickly to Stop

Analysts wonder whether recent hacks like that of Equifax might serve as the tipping point for banks to rollout new anti-fraud measures, while in tandem, more than half of financial institutions surveyed lack confidence in their current ability to detect and prevent fraud. At least that’s what the 2017 Face ... Read More
sms authentication

NIST Softens Guidance on SMS Authentication

What a difference a year makes. As related in AppDev Magazine’s recent newsletter, just one year after NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology issued guidance that found SMS insecure and no longer suitable as a strong authentication mechanism; it has backpedaled to reduce their previously strong statements and ... Read More