Workshop and Presentation Slides and Materials

All of our previous workshop and presentation slides and materials are available in one location, from Google Drive.From now on, we are only going to keep the latest-greatest version of each talk/workshop and announce changes on Twitter ... Read More

BruCON 0x09 and 2017 Workshop Slides

BruCON 0x09 (2017): workshop slides and USB 2017: workshop slides and USB content.Also, the Google Drive folder with all the presentations ... Read More

Nuit du Hack XV (2017) Workshop Slides

As promised, (with the usual delay):Nuit du Hack XV (2017): workshop slides and USB content.Also, the Google Drive folder with all the presentations.Enjoy! :) ... Read More

Pcap of Wannacry Spreading Using EthernalBlue

Saw that a lot of people were looking for a pcap with WannaCry spreading Using EthernalBlue.I have put together a little "petri dish" test environment and started looking for a sample that has the exploit. Some samples out there simply do not have the exploit code, and even tough they ... Read More

Workshop and Presentation Slides from 2016 Q4 and 2017 Q1

Many of you were asking for the slides of presentations and workshops I gave recently and I know that for certain cases it took waaay longer than it should have, but hey! Better late than never, right? Right? :)Anyways, here is the Google Drive folder with all the presentations.And the ... Read More

CSRF Referer header strip

IntroMost of the web applications I see are kinda binary when it comes to CSRF protection; either they have one implemented using CSRF tokens (and more-or-less covering the different functions of the web application) or there is no protection at all. Usually, it is the latter case. However, from time ... Read More