The Cost of Doing Nothing

As part of our “‘Not If, But When’ Means Right Now” series, we highlight the importance of assigning greater urgency to projects that mitigate cybersecurity risk before consequences are realized. In this post, Daniel West discusses the reasons small to medium-sized enterprises experience difficulty initiating projects before a breach, the ... Read More

Key Considerations When Purchasing Cybersecurity: Building a Business Case

In the previous post, we provided a framework to assist you in understanding your security options (based on company size and maturity); and included a list of questions quantifying time and money. This post will focus on comparing Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with building similar capabilities in-house or outsourcing ... Read More

Key Considerations When Purchasing Cybersecurity: Time & Money

Making the right decisions in cybersecurity is critical to business today. If you make cybersecurity decisions for your company, it can be challenging to evaluate whether a solution meets your needs. Based on conversations with our clients, they look at three factors when making an investment in cybersecurity: Time, Money ... Read More