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Why Client-Grade Technology Doesn’t Cut It for Cloud Workload Protection

We’re in the middle of a shift between on-premises server workloads and cloud workloads. The shift started around 10 years ago and will likely continue for the next two decades. After the past decade of cloud adoption, according to 451 Research, 90 percent of all organizations are using cloud technology ... Read More
FEATURED-EDR Not the Next Step

Endpoint Detection and Response Is Not the Next Step

Antivirus protection is a baseline cost of doing business for the modern organization. At first, companies and governments only needed signature-based antivirus that tracked known malware. As fileless malware and exploits accelerated, next-gen antivirus that leveraged AI and behavioral analysis came on the scene to respond ... Read More

Morphisec Protects You from the New PureLocker Ransomware

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Last week, Intezer and IBM X-Force released new research identifying a new form of ransomware, which they named PureLocker. Written in PureBasic and designed to attack servers, this damaging new malware has been described as Malware-as-a-Service in a recent ZDNet article ... Read More