Poking the Bear: Three-Year Campaign Targets Russian Critical Infrastructure

Nation-state conflict has come to dominate many of the policy discussions and much of the strategic thinking about cybersecurity. In this Threat Intelligence Bulletin, we’ll show how an investigation into the apparent targeting of a state-owned Russian oil company led to the uncovering not of a state-sponsored campaign, but of ... Read More

Whack-A-Mole: The Impact of Threat Intelligence on Adversaries

One of the great paradoxes in cybersecurity is that as defenders race ahead to identify the next and newest methods of attack, attackers often lag behind and reuse the old and obvious ones with success. In this Threat Intelligence Bulletin, we look back and show how easy it is for ... Read More

PowerShell Obfuscation Using SecureString

In this Threat Intelligence Bulletin, we explain what obfuscation is and why it works. We’ll demonstrate how one recently observed obfuscation technique succeeded in bypassing most antivirus products ... Read More