Public Hacking Tools: Day in the Sun

A new report by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) draws attention to the danger posed by a proliferation of generic, publicly available hacking tools that threat actors of all skill levels can, and indeed are, using with increased frequency and success. In this blog post, we take a closer ... Read More

Don’t Give Away the Keys to Your (Online) Castle

The practice of requiring users to fill out easily guessable ‘secret password reset questions’ is a giant security hole in the Internet. Here’s how to circumvent the outdated system and improve the safety of your online accounts ... Read More

The Dangers and Advancement of Military Cyberattacks

At the 'New America Future of War' 2018 conference, perhaps most disturbing topics discussed were the potential cyberattack scenarios involving new emerging malware specifically designed to injure and kill people ... Read More

How to Properly Secure Data Stored in the Cloud

We tend to assume there’s an inherent, built-in security to cloud services, but user carelessness (such as misconfigured storage accounts) can leave your data exposed. Here are a few basics to ensure that the data you’re storing in the cloud is properly secured ... Read More

E-Commerce Sites Compromised with Crypto-Miner Malware

Hackers have used brute-force attacks to gain access to hundreds of e-commerce sites and install malware that scrapes credit card details and installs cryptocurrency mining software. Researchers are currently aware of the compromise of at least 1000 sites, mainly in the Education and Healthcare industries ... Read More

Attackers are Exploiting Your Typos

Typosquatting is a type of attack that counts on you trying to access a popular website, say iTunes, and accidentally typing in “itunes-dot-cm” instead of “itunes-dot-com.” 12 million people fell victim to these attacks in just 2018 alone. Here’s how to protect yourself ... Read More

How to Avoid Falling for a Social Engineering Attack

Successful attackers know how people work and they know how to exploit our human weaknesses. You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to know that you can take advantage of a person’s pride and ego in order to scam them. It’s the equivalent of putting a huge chunk of Gouda ... Read More

Post Mortem Data Protection Laws

Once someone passes away, what security protections are in place to prevent their social media accounts from being hijacked, or worse, their online identity being stolen and used by fraudsters? ... Read More

The Case for Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS software have become a favorite for security folks due to the focus on “useable security.” Because the laptops are more affordable and have much less of an attack surface than traditional machines running Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems, many practitioners in the cybersecurity ... Read More

Flaw Discovered in Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

Independent security researcher Saleem Rashid has discovered a vulnerability in cryptocurrency hardware wallets made by French technology company Ledger ... Read More