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Our Devices Listening?

…or is it “are devices listening” to you? Well yes. There’s always a simple answer to these questions and it’s yes. Breaking it down to the basics, pretty much all of our devices are listening because we’ve enabled Siri or Google or Alexa or… to respond to a keyword command ... Read More
Android Trojan steals money from PayPal accounts even with 2FA on: How it works/Demo

How Secure Is Your Phone?

| | education, security, technology
This was going to be a comparison of major phones, breaking down some of the exploits and weaknesses. I was potentially going to compare IOS to Android and throw fuel onto an already raging fire amongst smart phone enthusiasts which is, if you’re listening to a podcast, all of us ... Read More
Last Year in Bitcoin

The Rise and Fall (and repeat) of Crypto

We’re back!… it’s been a year since the first podcast on Bitcoin and wow…. things have happened. It’s also been about 6 months since the last podcast so if you’re back as well I’m a happy man. Welcome back. Also… I have another podcast for the real geeks out there ... Read More

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