Broken Monitor: Tales of a Security He-Man

Like most kids in the 80s, I grew up watching cartoons. He-Man, my favorite of all the cartoon shows, taught me that change could happen when you know you "have the power." I believed, that when I grew up, I would have that power ... Read More
Showtime, A-holes

Showtime, A-Holes: A Tabletop Exercise Overview

A tabletop exercise is a security training event revolving around a security incident. The goal of this activity is to have a plan of action ready should a security incident occur ... Read More

Social Engineering: Captain Hindsight

Social engineering works because people allow it to work. In order to be good at social engineering, you need to first understand what intrinsically motivates people ... Read More

Schrödinger’s Security

Like Schrödinger's famous cat paradox, it is not until you actually observe and monitor your security state that you will know where it stands. Think about it like this: if someone came to you today and asked if you were protected, what would be your reply? ... Read More

The Dangers of Whaling – the Evolution of Phishing

In this blog, we will examine the common practice of email phishing and how this technique has evolved into corporate whaling - as well as covering what you can do to ensure your company doesn't fall victim to such an attack ... Read More

Social Engineering: Media Manipulation

In this post, I will examine an old-school technique for media manipulation using social media, and delve into how these sorts of tricks still persist today ... Read More

Social Engineering, Photos and Extortion

Social engineers routinely obtain sensitive and private information and images by illicit means, which they then use as bait to extort private individuals. Help to protect your employees from falling victim to social engineering by raising awareness of this growing issue ... Read More