Artificial Intelligence Makes Anti-Malware Solutions More Effective

iT-CUBE Systems have released a new report on the results of testing and analysis of endpoint security solutions undertaken by the firm. The test was performed in an effort to understand the capabilities of so-called “Next-Generation Endpoint Security” (NGES) products, which claim to utilize artificial intelligence to prevent malware from ... Read More

Expert Insights: IT Decision Makers Want Real-World Testing

Cylance recently conducted a national survey of cybersecurity professionals. The aim was to understand exactly what has led to past breaches, and whether these breaches have affected IT security professionals’ ability to prioritize, evaluate, and select new security solutions. Here’s what we discovered ... Read More

Expert Insights: Understanding Attack Diversity

We commissioned a nationwide survey of over 200 qualified IT cybersecurity staff, asking them about their recent attack history. The results provide rare insights into how large companies are being targeted by attackers, and how often attackers are successful ... Read More