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5 Places Where You’d Never Expect to Get Hacked

For every gleaming new IoT device that hits the market, a hacker somewhere is figuring out how to compromise it. Today, even routine activities can land you in the sights of a bad actor. Imagine what a bad day could look like in these days of ubiquitous connectivity… it’d play ... Read More

Password Security & Password Managers

In the spirit of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), let’s talk about a security basic that many people overlook: passwords. These are one of the most fundamental aspects of website security, yet we too often see webmasters taking a lax approach to secure passwords. In fact, the online security ... Read More
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How SSL Works with a Website Firewall

| | sucuri, Website Security
It’s no secret that a secure sockets layer (SSL) encrypts data as it moves between a visitor’s browser and the site host. For many people, a single SSL appears to be sufficient for protecting data exchanged between visitors and their website. But what happens to your SSL protection when you ... Read More

Web Professional Security Survey 2020

According to recent statistics, the web design industry in the United States is now worth more than $40 billion each year. It’s why our annual survey of agencies and web pros is so eagerly anticipated — and we hope you’ll participate in the Sucuri Web Professional Security Survey 2020. If ... Read More
How to create malware removal request with Sucuri

Experience + Technology: How We Clean Infected Websites at Sucuri

Our malware removal service is particularly effective because it combines automated and human elements. The process gets off to a quick start thanks to cleanup scripts developed by our threat researchers. Real people also get their hands dirty handling tough work that shouldn’t be automated. The automated scripts identify and ... Read More

Meet the Victims of Online Scams

Imagine a lonely person who’s looking for romantic companionship, so they turn to the internet. Picture someone who’s terribly anxious for news about an online payment that will ease their paycheck-to-paycheck existence. Or perhaps you’ve known an individual with such limited technical skills and financial resources, they’re always browsing for ... Read More

Understanding & Stopping Malicious Redirects

Many website owners don’t know they’re infected with malicious redirects until they start getting calls from wary customers. Instead of the site they were expecting, it loaded some pretty shady content from the nether reaches of the internet. Malicious redirects are caused by hackers injecting scripts into infected sites that ... Read More

What is online gambling spam and what can I do about it?

When it comes to online gambling spam, first think about fantasies of fame and fortune. Who hasn’t imagined defying the odds at an exotic casino? Splitting a pair of sevens. Going all in on the flop. Your baccarat dealer declaring, La grande! For most of us, though, a ticket to ... Read More
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Top 10 Hacks & Attacks from 2019

Last year was a busy one in the world of website security. Our 2019 Threat Research Report shows that over 60% of websites we cleaned had a vulnerability at the point of infection, up 4% over 2018. SEO spam remained a universal threat, while backdoors allowed hackers to reinfect sites ... Read More
How to Find & Fix the Japanese Keyword Hack

How to Find & Fix the Japanese Keyword Hack

If you’re wondering how to find and fix the Japanese keyword hack, get started by identifying a real-life example. First, open Google Translate, and then get the Japanese characters for the search term buy Ralph Lauren. Copy and paste that into your favorite search engine, and take a look at ... Read More