Online Ad Industry Threatened by Security Issues Most people use ad blockers because they're irritated with some of the intrusive ways ads are presented. But there are also compelling security arguments behind ad blockers. By blocking ads, consumers are better insulated against security risks from malvertisements. The social media site Reddit, which can be a rich ... Read More

Some thoughts on the performance of SSD RAID 0 arrays

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My Friend Alan Rocker and I often discuss ideas about technology and tradeoffs. Alan asked about SSDs for Linux: > I haven't been following hardware developments very closely for a while, so I > find it hard to judge the arguments. What's important? Ultimately what's important is the management software, ... Read More

Everything old is new again

| | hardware, Rants and Raves What's the saying "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it over again"? Weren't we doing this with routers and ... well if not firewalls as such then certainly filtering rules in the routers, way back in the 1980s? I recall attending a luncheon put on by Dell ... Read More

Everybody wants in on ‘Cybersecurity”

Embed from Getty Images Intel Sets McAfee Free ... ... becoming what Intel bills as one of the world's biggest "pure-play cybersecurity companies." When I graduated the hot topic was then chemistry, mostly organic but anything to do with chemistry was IN. Engineering was considered ho-hum, aviation was in ... Read More

The Hidden Curriculum of Work I think part of the problem I have in dealing with the current generation of head-hunters and corporate recruiters is that they focus on the job description, the check-list. They focus on it two ways: the first is demanding it of the hiring managers, who are often ill equipped ... Read More