Alon Groisman, Author at Security Boulevard
MineBridge RAT

MineBridge Is on the Rise, With a Sophisticated Delivery Mechanism

Introduction The MineBridge RAT was first identified in January 2020 by security researchers at FireEye, who observed the backdoor attacking financial institutions in the United States with some targets located in South Korea as well. MineBridge was initially classified as a C++ backdoor that was delivered via phishing campaigns.  ... Read More

Trickbot/Emotet Delivery through Word Macro

The Morphisec Labs team has prevented on our customers’ sites a massive Trickbot and Emotet phishing campaign during the 10th and 11th of September. Trickbot is one of the most advanced malware delivery frameworks active today; it constantly evolves with more innovative methods to achieve its goals ... Read More
Zeppelin Ransomware 2019-12-17

ConnectWise Control Abused Again to Deliver Zeppelin Ransomware

In April 2019, attackers who breached IT supplier Wipro leveraged the ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect) remote desktop application as a major component of their attack ... Read More

Threat Alert: AVE Maria infostealer on the rise with new Stealthier delivery

Over the past two weeks, Morphisec Labs has identified an increase in AVE_MARIA malware infecting victims through a variety of phishing methods. One of the downloader components and C2 metadata are similar to those we saw in the Orcus RAT attacks last month and we believe they are by the ... Read More