Audit Ready: Compliance is a Team Sport

When organization’s make the move to the cloud, compliance is typically not the first challenge considered. Whether you need to maintain compliance for regulatory or business obligations it is best to go into the cloud with those requirements in mind. Given the maturity of the cloud platforms, it isn’t hard ... Read More

Post-Webinar Recap: Compliance in the Cloud in 2018

Once thought of as speed bumps in the path to deployment, security and compliance are now seen as critical ingredients that help organizations differentiate their offerings in the market, win more deals, and achieve mission-critical goals faster. We hosted a webinar to discuss how organizations, like Jive Software, are leveraging ... Read More

The Evolution of DevSecOps Revisited

The inception of DevSecOps has created a whole new standard for driving innovation inside and outside organizations. Like DevOps, DevSecOps seeks to achieve greater efficiency and productivity through team collaboration coupled with a foundation in strong security. DevSecOps is pushing organizations to accomplish more, do it faster, and deliver better ... Read More

Compliance in the Cloud in 2018

With cloud compliance increasingly becoming a top priority for enterprises, we are hosting a webinar that will explore how organizations use Evident Security Platform (ESP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to automate security and compliance processes in their organization to accomplish more, do it faster, and deliver better results. Cloud ... Read More

ESP @ Work: Cloud Security enables “Convenience on Demand”

“The breadth and depth of the security controls out of the box was great, but the real advantage for us was the ability to develop our own custom signatures and run them through the platform. That kind of flexibility has allowed us to do more in the cloud full stop.”- ... Read More

ESP @ Work: Continuous Security for Continuous Development

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“ESP makes it possible for me and my team to optimize our continuous development strategy securely. Both DevOps and SecOps teams are more agile and able to deliver software much faster.”- Principal DevOps Engineer at a gaming company Security in a Rapidly Expanding Cloud Environment Overview The Security and DevOps ... Read More

ESP @ Work: Holistic Security as part of the Corporate DNA

“We went through several stages, such as development and implementation of a harmonized security strategy across the organization, gaining greater cross-organization visibility to improve speed to detect, respond and remediate potential issues, and looking at the underlying technology.” – Chief Information Officer, Security Division Innovative and agile cybersecurity vision leads ... Read More

AWS re:Invent Breakout Session: From Obstacle to Advantage – The Changing Role of Security & Compliance in Your Organization

A surprising trend is starting to emerge among organizations who are progressing through the cloud maturity lifecycle: major improvements in revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and mission success are being directly attributed to improvements in security and compliance. Once thought of as speed bumps in the path to deployment, security and ... Read More