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DNSSEC: The Secret Weapon Against DNS Attacks 

The domain name system (DNS) is known as the phone book of the internet, quickly connecting users from their devices to their desired content. But what appears to most users as seamless ...
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domain Major DNS Threats: Preventing DNS Hijacking

DNS Hijacking: What You Need to Know

The word “hijacking” inspires a host of emotions, few of which are favorable. When associated with airlines, in particular, the word can elicit feelings ranging from concern to outright terror. For infosec ...
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DNS SASE network segmentation palo alto networks Defenses of Ad Networks

Don’t Get ‘Shawshanked’ by DNS Tunneling 

Since the onset of the pandemic, cyberattackers have increasingly looked to leverage DNS channels to steal data, launch DDoS attacks and deploy malware—and the cost of these attacks is rising. According to ...
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Barracuda Open XDR monitoring DNS threat

Costly DNS Attacks on the Rise

While awareness of DNS security continues to grow, the cost, frequency and number of attacks remain high, while the pandemic and resulting hybrid work environments have resulted in huge disruption for organizations ...
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DEF CON 29 Main Stage Presentations

DEF CON 29 Main Stage – Shir Tamari’s & Ami Luttwak’s ‘New Class Of DNS Vulns Affecting DNS-As-Service Platforms’

Our thanks to DEFCON for publishing their outstanding DEFCON Conference Main Stage Videos on the groups' YouTube channel. Permalink ...

Edge DNS Secondary Implementation: Order of Operations for NS Zone and Registrar Records

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Akamai Edge DNS service delivers edge-based, authoritative domain services for thousands of organizations. These organizations trust Edge DNS to deliver reliable and performant responses, reflected by a 100% uptime service-level agreement. Along ...

NAME:WRECK DNS Bugs: What You Need to Know

For most internet users, there’s not much of a perceivable difference between the domain name they want to visit and the server that the domain queries. That’s because the Domain Name System ...

Forescout and JSOF Disclose New DNS Vulnerabilities, Impacting Millions of Enterprise and Consumer Devices

Today, Forescout Research Labs, partnering with JSOF Research, disclose NAME:WRECK, a set of nine vulnerabilities affecting four popular TCP/IP stacks (FreeBSD, Nucleus NET, IPnet and NetX). These vulnerabilities relate to Domain Name ...
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DnsAdmins Revisited

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How Potential Attackers Can Achieve Privileged Persistence on a DC through DnsAdmins   The Semperis Research Team recently expanded on previous research showing a feature abuse in the Windows Active Directory (AD) ...