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Bitglass Security Spotlight: Kaseya Ransomware Attack Aftermaths and More Post-Ransomware Data Breaches

Here are the top security stories from recent weeks:  Kaseya Patches Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Used in Supply Chain Ransomware Attack Attackers Use Kaseya Ransomware Attack to Spread Cobalt Strike Backdoor in Fake Security ...
Kaseya 6 Ways Poor Cybersecurity Hurts Businesses

Kaseya Postpones Bringing ITSM Platforms Back Up

Kaseya has decided to postpone bringing its IT service management (ITSM) platform back online after a ransomware attack until Sunday afternoon July 11, 2021, Eastern Standard Time. Previously, the company had committed ...
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Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola Addresses Cyberattack and Next Steps for VSA Customers

Kaseya Left Customer Portal Vulnerable to 2015 Flaw in its Own Software

Last week cybercriminals deployed ransomware to 1,500 organizations that provide IT security and technical support to many other companies. The attackers exploited a vulnerability in software from Kaseya, a Miami-based company whose ...
Three wise monkeys

REvil Makes Monkeys out of Kaseya Customers

Over the long weekend, a huge ransomware attack emerged. Kaseya seems to have been the common component ...
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Kaseya REvil More Targeted Attacks, Less Malware

Kaseya Details REvil Attack, Incident Response Plan

Kaseya, an IT service management (ITSM) tools provider employed by managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT teams, announced it will keep the software-as-a-service (SaaS) edition of its platform offline until further ...
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REvil Perps: Arrests for Some, $10M Bounties on Others

REvil Perps: Arrests for Some, $10M Bounties on Others

Alleged REvil ransomware hackers have been arrested, with additional suspects charged, and a bounty on the rest ...
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ransom ransomware

Gotcha! Charges in REvil Attack, Feds Seize $6M

The long arm of the law just reached out and dragged Yaroslav Vasinskyi into the American criminal justice system, readying charges against the Ukrainian man for a REvil ransomware attack against a ...
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Walking the Data Security vs Data Privacy Tightrope

Walking the Data Security vs Data Privacy Tightrope

Protecting personal, sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands is increasingly one of the top reasons SMBs turn toRead More The post Walking the Data Security vs Data Privacy Tightrope appeared ...
Black Shadow McAfee REvil ransomware Kaseya

REvil Returns With Fresh Attacks, New Representative

Just a few months ago, the REvil ransomware group seemed to be everywhere—in a frenetic burst of activity the group’s crime spree included attacks on the likes of JBS, Travelex and Kaseya ...
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CISA, FBI Post Ransomware Alert Ahead of Holiday Weekend

The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have observed an increase in highly impactful ransomware attacks occurring on holidays and weekends—when offices are normally closed—in the United States as ...
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