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BSides Tampa 2021 – Brad Duncan’s ‘Analyzing Emotet Infections’

Our thanks to BSides Tampa for publishing their outstanding videos on the organization's YouTube channel. Enjoy the Education! Permalink ...
Security News in Review 2021-05-01

Security News in Review: Emotet Uninstalled Worldwide; Babuk “Goes Dark”

In this week’s edition of Security News in Review, we have stories about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security calling for mandatory disclosure of ransom payments, reports about the Babuk ransomware shutting ...
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What Will Take Emotet’s Place?

Emotet’s seven-year reign of terror will come to an end Sunday, April 25, 2021 – at least in theory, when law enforcement completes a scheduled mass uninstallation of its infrastructure. A ‘scheduled ...
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Emotet Takedown: Time to Celebrate?

At the end of January 2021, Emotet, “the world’s most dangerous malware,” was taken down by law enforcement following an extensive effort by a global coalition of agencies across Europe and the ...
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News in Review 2021-04-10

Security News In Review: Could IcedID Be the New Emotet?

This week on Security News in Review, we have coverage on the Facebook data leak, some movement from the federal government on closing a weak spot, and theories on whether IcedID could ...
Emotet Dismantled, Trickbot, ZLoader, and BazarLoader Step In

Emotet Dismantled, Trickbot, ZLoader, and BazarLoader Step In

| | Malware, Ransomware
Recently, we published a piece highlighting early stage loaders often used in ransomware attacks. One of the most prolific was Emotet, which has since been taken down via a coordinated, multi-national effort ...
Security New in Review 2021-02-03

Security News in Review: Emotet Botnet Taken Down; Trickbot Makes a Return

Every week, the Morphisec team works hard to bring you the top stories from around the security media-sphere to make your job and securing your critical infrastructure easier ...

This is HUGE: Cops Nuke Emotet Crimeware C2

Police from eight countries have shut down all three of the Emotet malware’s “epoch” C2 server clusters. Incredible ...
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