The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Device Management (MDM)

How many times do you reach for your mobile device every day? 

The average American checks their smartphone once every 4 minutes. Psst: that’s more than 125,000 times per year. Statistics for daily tablet and laptop usage are also impressive. 

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Undeniably, our collective compulsion to stay digitally connected combined with the rise of remote work has significantly impacted how we get stuff done.

Record numbers of employees are logging into Zoom meetings while running errands, making lunches, and brushing their teeth. This means more people are doing more of their work across more devices, and that presents a real challenge to IT admins who need to manage activity.

Unfortunately, convenient network access has also come at the price of mobile data breaches. The good news is mobile device management (MDM) solutions are capable of thwarting most attacks and providing the necessary tools to effectively manage and support different types of devices no matter where they reside. 

This article will take a deeper look at the importance of MDM, how it works, and why some organizations struggle to prioritize it. We’ll also discuss the benefits of prioritizing mobile cybersecurity before comparing the best MDM management solutions. 


The Current State of Mobile Device Management 



As reported in Verizon’s Mobile Security Index 2021, one in three organizations surveyed experienced data breaches in 2020 because of mobile devices. The worst part? 

Many of the incidents could have been avoided by following mobile device management best practices. As Verizon mentions in its report: 

“Mobile devices are prone to many of the same attacks as other devices. Most phishing attacks and badly coded sites can affect them; mobile users might even be more vulnerable. And there are also mobile-specific exploits—like malicious apps and rogue wireless hotspots.”

We’ll begin by answering the most common question: 


What Is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile device management (MDM) refers to the practice of enrolling, configuring, and securing portable devices in the workplace. Though some vendors use the term to solely describe smartphones, it’s worth emphasizing that MDM also includes tablets (Read more...)

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