3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Improving Cybersecurity Hygiene

It’s officially spring. That means it’s time for spring cleaning. A long-honored tradition, spring cleaning is an opportunity to do some serious cleaning. It’s not only time to cleanup your house or office, but also time to cleanup your enterprise. In short, it’s a perfect time to get your cyber security house in order. Here are 3 spring cleaning tips for improving cybersecurity hygiene.

If You’re Not Using It, Let It Go

This is great place to start and it’s simple to do. If you have applications, accounts, or devices you are not using, let them go. Attackers can take advantage of anything connected to your network so clean out everything that doesn’t need to be there. Unplug devices you aren’t using. Delete unused applications.

A critical area to focus on is account cleanup. Reduce the risk of orphan or dormant accounts being compromised or misused by deleting them. Gurucul Identity Analytics can help automate the access cleanup process. It automatically identifies dormant and orphan accounts so you can delete them. It also detects accounts with outlier access that are routinely missed by conventional IAM tools. This means you can reduce access for accounts that are overprovisioned and shrink your attack surface.

If It’s Ineffective, Upgrade

Here’s an idea: if your current security tool isn’t working, replace it with a more effective product. Enterprise security teams sift through 11,000 security events daily on average and are only able to respond to a few. Nearly 50% of these alerts are false positives and a waste of SOC analysts’ time. Security analysts need better security analytics within SOC solutions, that gather multiple data sources that narrow down and prioritize which alerts are truly relevant with a high-confidence level. This means there are less events to investigate and the response rate goes up significantly to prevent a breach.

Gurucul Analytics-Driven SIEM empowers security teams with better analytics to automate the correlation, identification, and prioritization of threat activity as well as to automate and streamline responses. It is this end-to-end AI powered SOC automation that reduces the burden on security analysts and accelerates remediation in time to prevent loss.

Got Holes? Plug Them

Finally, if you’re missing key pieces of the cyber security stack, now is a great time to beef up your defenses. We see a lot of enterprises missing behavior analytics, which is a key technology to detect insider threats and evade malware. We like to say, “You can steal an identity, but you can’t steal behavior.” Behavior is the tell and Gurucul UEBA can tell you when you have activity that is both risky and anomalous – like credential misuse or a ransomware attack.

Take this opportunity to cleanup and shore up your cyber defenses. It will surely put a spring in your step! Contact us for help. We would be happy to share our best practices for optimizing your security operations.

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