Top 10 Cybersecurity Trending Indusface Articles 2021

As we head to 2022, there are several technological changes we will experience, but one thing is for sure – the importance of cyber security will continue to increase.

Indusface offers you the chance to recap what has happened in the cyber threat landscape 2021 to build the right security strategic plan for 2022.

With phishing, ransomware, and API hacking continuing to surge across industries, there were a lot of cyber resources to choose from. We’ve listed the blogs representing the latest trends in the cyber landscape, their impacts on businesses, and myriad ways to mitigate them.

How To add Bot Management Solution to Your Web Security Measures?    

Bad bots are getting smarter and hitting websites every hour. This could be taking place on your site anytime. While skewing your analytics they can commit DDoS attacks, inject a virus, and make your website slower. So, how can you block bad bots on your website?

Bot Management Solution

5 Top Cloud Security Threats and Tips to Mitigate Them

Companies, which operate in the cloud without being aware of the security risks open themselves up for untold technical and financial risks. Don’t let this happen to you. Leverage the cloud security best practices listed here.

DevOps Unbound Podcast

Cloud Security Threats

Top Reasons that DDoS Protection Services is More Crucial Than Ever

A typical DDoS attack can cost up to USD 5,600 per minute. The lost revenue, protection cost, and reputational damage due to such attacks are hard to recover. The deployment of DDoS protection services is a great investment today. Here you will find out why it is more essential than ever.

DDoS Protection Services

Evaluating WAF Solutions?

There are plenty of Web Application Firewalls (WAF) in the market, each with its own merits and drawbacks. Investing in the right solution is crucial to stabilizing security posture. So, how can you maximize your WAF value?

Web Application Firewall Solution

What is a DDoS Extortion Attack and How do you respond to it?

Well-known hacker group Fancy Lazarus reappears with a new DDoS extortion activity. Recent DDoS Extortion campaigns were largely targeted at an organization with unprotected assets and demanded them to pay ransom to prevent devastating DDoS attacks. What is it?

DDoS Extortion Attack

Introducing Fully Managed Behavioural Application DDOS Protection Solution.

This educative series on DDoS protection solutions breaks down the importance of DDoS behavioral protection over rate-limiting with examples and illustrations. It is the simplest way to investigate how these policies work. 

Fully Managed Behavioural DDoS Protection

What are the Potential Impacts that Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Pose to Your Organizations?

Zero-day attacks are cyber attacking where hackers manage to exploit a weakness or flaw that a developer or security vendor is unaware of it. There is no ready patch available for Zero-Day Vulnerabilities. And why are so many organizations scared of this attack?

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

What Are the Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2021?

Many of the sites you visit possibly use your data or track it for their profit, and most of the time it can go entirely unnoticed. However, this is just one of the many security threats that you should be worried about. We have more for you here.

Top Cybersecurity Threats 2021

What is Web Application & API Protection (WAAP)?

As API’s first concept gained traction, more organizations started to embrace API opportunities. Cybercriminals are quick to follow and web app and API security become the major concern. Conventionally used approaches like firewalls are not sufficient to secure the sensitive application and hence WAAP solution is a must.

Web Application and API Protection

What is API Security and Why is It Important? 

API opens a new wave of innovation on sharing services. It offers a wide range of opportunities to improve the organizational value and aid businesses to grow. But, what went wrong?

API Security

One clear takeaway from cyber trends 2021 is that no business, small or big is immune from cyber-attacks. You must take actionable steps to defend your website and application. Don’t wait until it is too late, start to secure your business with Indusface.  

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