SBN The Benefits of Direct LDAP/MFA Integration

Your multi-factor authentication (MFA) tool needs to communicate directly with your central directory to facilitate seamless logins and easy management. For organizations with LDAP-based directories, this can be achieved either through direct integration between the MFA tool and the LDAP directory server, or through an LDAP proxy or middleware that relays information between the MFA tool and the directory. Whether you need such a connector is typically based on whether the MFA solution you choose requires one to communicate with your directory. 

The employee experience, security, and functionality are usually key considerations when evaluating MFA solutions. The method of communication between the MFA tool and directory server is rarely assigned the same level of importance, but adding more moving parts can have significant ramifications on the tool’s security and usability for both the IT admin and the user. 

Proxies and middleware, in particular, often add unnecessary complexity and risk to an organization’s IT stack. By comparison, direct MFA-LDAP integration keeps the experience streamlined for the user and the admin and secure for the organization. 

As business environments become more distributed and IT admins and employees alike need to work quickly and efficiently under new, dynamic conditions, any simplicity and security wins can improve the employee experience and lighten IT’s load. When evaluating MFA tools, consider the following benefits of choosing one that forgoes a connector to directly integrate with your LDAP directory. 

Reduced Complexity 

Direct authentication avoids the potential for error that proxies bring to the table. MFA-LDAP connectors are an additional element to integrate into your infrastructure. In turn, they add the possibility of configuration errors or breakdown when making changes to the directory or MFA tool, an additional component to update and secure, and a potential point of failure. Troubleshooting MFA issues can also be more difficult with the added connector element to examine. 

The ability to authenticate directly to the LDAP server bypasses these risks, leaving admins with an easy-to-manage tool and users with functionality they can rely on.

Less Management

MFA/LDAP connectors shouldn’t require frequent management; in fact, providers that (Read more...)

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