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SBN The 1945 Soviet DeNazification of Bicycles

After Soviet soldiers had walked on foot an estimated 2,500 km from Stalingrad to Berlin, their sentiment went something like commandeering a bicycle from Nazis (who had stolen everything while initiating illegal wars) wasn’t entirely unexpected even if unapproved.

In fact, it was reported Soviets inside Berlin would not take any bike off any victim of Nazis, so the following archival photo represents something along the de-nazification problem with the constant false victim narrative by fascists.

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Sowjetischer Soldat versucht, einer deutschen Frau das Fahrrad zu entwenden; Foto: Fotograf unbekannt, Berlin, 1945

Note the crowd stands by silently (refusing to Raleigh, pun obviously intended) demonstrating awareness the German woman is unable to prove her bike isn’t stolen property.

Nazis throughout WWII were notorious for stealing bicycles, especially in rural areas and from elderly women (people who needed them most).

A book called “Unbroken Chain” by Holocaust survivor Henry Oertelt explains further, that Nazis were presumed to have stolen everything (an accurate assumption). Soviet soldiers thus only would allow credentialed owners of bicycles or survivors of Nazi genocide to ride them.

Oertelt, H. A., Samuels, S. O. (2000). An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust. United States: Lerner. Page 146

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