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SBN Why Postponing the Windows 11 Upgrade May Benefit Your Organization

New Windows releases are guaranteed to accomplish two things: fuel endless commentary from pundits with effusive coverage of any droplet of information that trickles from Redmond, and trigger a prolonged planning period (and coping mechanisms) within IT teams everywhere. Windows 11 is slated to deliver a few very compelling changes to the user experience and some important upgrades to how it handles security at the boot sector: bravo. It feels important, and that upgrading is imperative as soon as it’s available, but you just may want to consider joining the party on a schedule that ensures that your organization avoids unwelcome disruptions; namely to people, hardware lifecycles, and policies.

Compatibility, training, and policy are all specific considerations for Windows 11; there’s also the inevitable shakedown of bugs that occurs with milestone builds that typically appear as a “fast follow” to the initial release. There could be ramifications to both your end users and the devices they use if you dive headlong into upgrading. This article delivers advice that will help you prepare for rolling it out across your inventory.

DevOps Experience

Change Can be Challenging for People

There were copious numbers of people who used different shells because they *hated* Windows 8 and a few folks within the IT community at large are having parallel discussions now about Windows 11. I think back to my time as an IT director where we had (i) office users who knew tech well, (ii) office users who only knew how to perform certain tasks and needed handholding, and (iii) users who were barely computer literate. Not everyone is going to welcome a major UI overhaul and that cannot be overstated. Before electing to upgrade to Windows 11 you may want to assess its impact on usability by designating test users that are representative of user personas throughout your departments. Microsoft could very well be iterating in a direction that could become more suitable for your organization next year.

I’m reminded of a dramatic example of this I faced a few years ago. I quickly observed that the IT team that was (Read more...)

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