Top Cybersecurity Playbooks for the “Anywhere Operations” Era

The pandemic has changed a lot of things, but one of its largest legacies will be its impact on the workplace.

Not surprisingly, security in the workplace is changing too. Even now, many months after the virus first surfaced, IT security teams continue to meet challenges in protecting their remote employees, not only because of an expanded corporate network needing coverage but also – and arguably more unsettling – employee rebellion, particularly among a generation of workers who should be the most enlightened to the need for robust resilience.

It would be disingenuous to attribute this paradigm shift entirely to COVID-19. Frenetic digital transformation has been underway for many years, and it is finally reaching a crescendo that delivers incredible productivity possibilities, as well as huge risk.

Keeping in mind that threat actors have more opportunities than ever – and that your workers may be actively attempting to evade your security controls – it is critical to enlist meticulous and predictable procedures for all phases involved in the handling of alerts.

One of our most-downloaded resources has been updated with three new security operations workflow templates, especially relevant in the way business is now being done. These new response checklists – covering impossible travel, cloud misconfiguration and suspicious login use cases – will provide a practical starting ground of the required steps and actions needed to resolve these threats.

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