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SBN Remote Software & OS Update Management as Part of Modern Device Management

Modern IT environments typically support Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, and those devices each contain a variety of applications, utilities, and other pieces of software to fulfil their function. Every one of these can pose significant risk to an organization’s security if left unmanaged by IT — unmanaged meaning devices may not be configured, secured, or updated properly. 

One specific concern that stems from unmanaged devices is update and patch management or a lack thereof. If any critical updates to software or the underlying operating system are left in the hands of users to monitor and update at their own discretion, it’s unlikely that your organization will be in compliance with various standards, nor will your overall security posture be at its best.

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To keep issues like this at bay, it’s important to adopt organization-wide policies regarding user and device management — especially in the realm of software and operating system updates. On top of that, it’s crucial to implement a modern, robust device management system that gives IT admins the ability to install, manage, update, and remove applications and software no matter where a device is located or what type of device is being used.

Looking at the big picture, the user and device management system that your organization chooses to employ should include the following five key components and capabilities:

  1. Zero-touch enrollment and deployment
  2. Full user management control
  3. Remote device configuration
  4. Remote software and OS update management
  5. Device health and telemetry monitoring

In this article, we’ll dive into why modern IT environments need an equally modern device management system in place that enables remote software and OS management, what components should be included in a cloud device management system to keep software current and out of harm’s way, and how JumpCloud® turns these necessities into reality with a single platform.

Why Modern Device Management Systems Need Remote Software and OS Management Capabilities

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