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Florida Unsafe for Business as COVID19 Deaths Spiral Out of Control

Nobody can own, run or use a business when they’re dead.

That’s the very simple concept that seems to be underneath Florida’s official plan to stall or even shrink its economy by making it unsafe to live or work.

Newsweek reports this as…

According to a COVID tracker created by The New York Times, Florida is currently recording a seven-day average of 122.1 deaths in the state from the virus, a figure larger than 32 other states combined. Florida’s figure is also more than double that of the second most affected state, Texas…

Florida is so bad at basic safety necessary to do business there are 32 other states COMBINED that are better.

Imagine a headline that food poisoning cases in Florida are worse than 32 other states combined, and the governor has announced that he’s keeping poisoned fruit on shelves.

Would you really do business, have anything to do with the fruit there?

The Florida business environment, no joke, is so bad it can seriously injure or kill you.

Stay clear.

It’s made worse because the Florida government has taken an official position of trying to forcibly expose children to disease by banning even simple prevention measures:

Florida is also reporting the highest number of children currently hospitalized from COVID of any state in the country, with 172 currently being treated in medical facilities, according to data shared by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

There’s no exaggeration here. The governor of Florida literally tried to ban safety and security experts from providing safety and security to children during a time of desperate need.

…several school districts have announced that they will not comply with the rule in line with advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Non-compliance sounds odd in this context.

It would be like saying washing and cooking your food is a form of non-compliance with this dirty politician who is known to wipe without toilet paper and fail to wash his hands before giving you a grapefruit.

Common sense is non-compliance?

The Florida governor’s rules are meant to force citizens to accept an absurdly unsafe market, one where trust is completely absent. How is such thinking not a death sentence for business?

Would anyone who owns or operates a business seriously want to be banned from protecting their family from using basic safety measures? And who wants to pay into the beleaguered overcrowded expensive healthcare system just to watch a slow painful yet easily preventable death of their children?

Nothing about Florida’s careless death spiral is good for business. Nothing.

Perhaps dark comedy on rational thinking puts it best:

In a sketch by the British comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, a government minister charged with ending a recession asks his analysts if they’ve considered “killing all the poor.” “I’m not saying do it—I’m just saying run it through the computer and see if it would work,” he tells them. (After they say it won’t, he proposes “blue-skying” an even more senseless alternative: “Raise V.A.T. and kill all the poor.”)

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