Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binoculars are Totally 1980s Cool

The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binoculars (or a totally unpronounceable ENVGB) make the world look so much like a scene from Tron I’m super excited to use them every day, er, night instead of lights.

See the difference? Source: Twitter and The Drive

Totally cool, right? They should have been called the Trusted Receptor Occurrence Night (TRON)

The Drive also posted an image that reminds me very much of US Army “video game” training simulators I played in the 1980s.

Source: The Drive

All that’s missing are the bright red tracer rounds arcing across the screen (as I’ve written about here before)…

Anyway, with this kind of improvement to low visibility clarity and seeing humans down range, vehicles attempting to avoid pedestrians should have no excuses when they crash instead.

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