Hi-5 With A CISO Piotr Stecz, Adamed Pharma

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Piotr Stecz has been working in Adamed Pharma for 18 years in various IT and Security roles. 4 years ago he was appointed as the Chief Information Officer and Data Protection Officer at Adamed.

What is the biggest challenge security leaders face today and how are you looking to tackle it?

One of the biggest challenges is the proper security of remote work in the COVID-19 era. The pandemic has accelerated works on digital transformation, and businesses and security departments need to face these challenges.

In your view, how important are security awareness programs, and what’s a CISO’s main role in making them effective?

Security awareness programs are considered an important factor in building awareness and developing information security among employees. The role of a CISO is constant cooperation with business in creating and increasing appropriate security awareness through various actions such as training.

What’s the one thing you’ll never tell an employee who’s made a security error, and how would you suggest handling the situation instead?

We, as Information Security Department, always try to approach this type of situation calmly. We aren’t here punish, but to educate and explain any irregularities. We are always looking for rational approaches that lead to effective solutions.

When it comes to recruitment – what approach do you take to attract and keep the best talent, and what would be your best tip for a new hire?

I always try to ensure good conditions for cooperation. We are proactive and we follow market trends in the area of information security.

Finally (just for fun): if you could have dinner with any renowned figure (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?

I would like to talk to Edward Snowden. It would be a great opportunity to ask about the facts and fiction of his story.

Adamed Pharma is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with over 30 years of experience, founded on the basis of Polish scientific advances and a patent portfolio. Adamed is one of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies operating in Poland today.

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