The last time you were in a library, or a bookstore, you probably noticed how quiet it was.  This doesn’t mean that people weren’t excited, or downright celebrating, they were engaged in a different method of celebration; the kind that takes place between the covers of a good book.

April 23rd marks the celebration of World Book and Copyright Day. As eloquently stated on the UNESCO web page, “through reading . . . we can open ourselves to others despite distance, and we can travel thanks to imagination.”

We asked a selection of Tripwire friends, and security experts for their recommendations for books that lift, educate, and inspire.  We hope you can use this list, not only to gain more knowledge, but to also strike that spark of insight that lies within.


Tribe of Hackers

The InfoSec community isn’t too large, but yet, many are still not aware of the hacker community. Our entire industry is full of hackers, and yet, also ignored by various players. Tribe of Hackers is my favorite book to recommend to folks who recently joined InfoSec, want to join InfoSec, or even to those who have been in the space for a while in Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Engineering.

Our industry needs to come together and recognize hackers in the space, and why they are critical to understand. Tribe of Hackers provides information about the hacker community, written by the hacker community. It showcases red teamers, purple teamers, blue teamers, and leaders. Most importantly, it reminds people that hackers are not the enemies, they are the ones protecting and serving every single moment of the day.



My book recommendation for World Book Day is Confident Cyber Security, by Dr. (Read more...)