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SBN 3 Steps to Reduce Remote User Password Tickets

Password tickets can swamp IT teams, especially when users increasingly work outside the office. 

If you work as part of a lean IT operation (and especially if you’re the lone administrator) you need ways to ensure that users can securely access the resources they need to do their jobs without your intervention. And yet, at least one in five help desk calls is a password reset ticket, according to the Gartner Group, and that figure is likely much higher in schools. This means the large, proactive projects on your plate are constantly being overshadowed by day-to-day troubleshooting.

However, you can take steps to increase remote user efficiency and self-service and keep your team focused on other critical tasks. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by ensuring each user has only one set of secure credentials to access all their resources and giving them better avenues to manage their passwords. In doing so, you can reduce the overall number of remote user password tickets and maintain frictionless access across the board. 

But how do you get to a place where employees can use just a single set of credentials to access every resource they may need? It starts with building a migration strategy, which we cover in the guide below. 

1. Catalogue Every Point of Entry an Employee Needs

Take a step back: How many sets of credentials do your users need to access all their resources? Are any credentials shared, or do they have different sets of credentials to access each individual system or application?

The first step to improve remote user access (and decrease password tickets) is to get an aggregate view of the resources and access points in your environment. Then, you can decide how to improve remote user access to those resources. This likely includes: 

  • Devices: Mac, Windows, and/or Linux
  • Applications: SaaS and legacy applications
  • Infrastructure: Cloud and on-prem servers
  • Networks: VPNs

Depending on the range and type of resources in your environment, several immediate options are available to help you grant remote user access in (Read more...)

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