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SBN Simplify the management of third-party updates for Intune with Patch Connect Plus

Enterprise IT administrators and technicians worldwide who are looking to take third-party patch management to the cloud or even expand their endpoint management capabilities can now rejoice, as Patch Connect Plus has introduced Intune Update Management to its patch management toolbox!

In this blog, we’ll look at what Intune update management is, and how you stand to benefit from carrying out the timely distribution of third-party patches to managed endpoints with Patch Connect Plus using Intune’s infrastructure.

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What is Intune update management, and why is it important for your enterprise?

Microsoft launched Intune as a simplified method for carrying out the centralized management of IT endpoints over the cloud. With the release of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, the tech giant sought to unify on-premises and cloud management by bringing together Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Intune.

While Microsoft is garnering more attention from IT communities for its straightforward approach to endpoint management, much hasn’t changed when it comes to managing and distributing third-party updates across managed devices in a business network.

Admins using Intune still face the daunting task of fetching and preparing each third-party update before publishing and deploying it to client machines. This is exactly where Patch Connect Plus offers a solution for your enterprise.

Right from inception, Patch Connect Plus has aimed to simplify the management of updates—both Microsoft and non-Microsoft—by offering a centralized web console. With the recent release of Intune Update Management, users can now distribute ready-to-deploy updates from an extensive library of third-party updates, all under one roof!

Furthermore, Patch Connect Plus unifies the management of applications and updates for both SCCM and Intune, allowing users to toggle between on-premises and cloud management at any given time.

Automate the management of third-party patches for Intune

Similar to the existing automation capabilities supported for Microsoft SCCM, Patch Connect Plus also helps users automate the detection and distribution of third-party patches to the client machines managed using Intune.

While managing patches for on-premises endpoints, Patch Connect Plus detects newly added and existing third-party software across the network before publishing the required missing patches to SCCM. When it comes to Intune, Patch Connect Plus automatically distributes patches for all applications created within Intune and ensures that endpoints receive the latest software updates.

Patch Connect Plus offers a 30-day free trial for those interested in getting a closer look at the product and trying out features for themselves. Organizations can also get a personalized quote specific to the number of devices to be managed.

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