Irregular Tech for Irregular Warfare: AWD Motorcycles

War on the Rocks has published a superb article on Irregular Warfare under an image of a Christini 300 AWD motorcycle.

Christini 300 in the field. Source: WOR

I suppose you could call a motorcycle 2WD, yet that doesn’t do the concept justice. AWD means ensuring all wheels are engaged with power.

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The image serves as a great analogy, solving the “missing half” of power, which becomes the whole theme of the article:

…United States does not have the luxury of ignoring how China and Russia are advancing their interests in the gray zone short of armed conflict. Irregular warfare accounts for the missing half of strategic competition — information warfare, ambiguous or denied proxy operations, and subversion.

Recommendations are excellent:

  1. Beyond “Center of Gravity” to “Strategic Levers”
  2. Elevate “Simultaneity” to “Concurrent Effects”
  3. Adding “Narrative,” or Shaping Information to Attain Influence
  4. Enabling with “Empowerment,” or the Right Tools to Wield Influence
  5. An Irregular Upgrade for 21st-Century Strategic Competition

My only complaint is while they emphasize and evolution instead of revolution, they start with Operational Design in 2010 instead of OSS lessons from WWII (“birth of modern American information warfare”). Earlier references might help point to an American capability for irregular power that is faster than and better executed than both allies and enemies.

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