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CPAC 2021 Open Display of Nazi Symbols

In 2016 the National Socialist Movement (NSM) of America, claimed to be “buoyed by a Donald Trump victory”, and announced a shift in symbols they considered headline-worthy:

“…white supremacists ban swastika in bold attempt to ‘go mainstream’.

The Odal rune, a less-well-known Nazi Germany symbol, will take the place of the swastika on all official uniforms and banners. Mr Schoep says it’s a gentler approach to preaching the same messages. “The party leadership has every intention to bring the party, our leaders, our members and supporters into the halls of government here in the United States, and to do that we must reach more of the public.”

What would the Nazi version of an odal rune look like in their campaigns to enter the halls of US government?

The CPAC 2021 event gives an obvious answer by creating a main stage in the shape of one:

German Strafgesetzbuch (Criminal Code) in section § 86a outlaws this use of the Nazi Odal rune, but since it’s being done in America…

Way back in 2014 this kind of thing used to be a huge problem. A London retailer was forced to apologize and recall a jacket that “inadvertently” displayed the Nazi odal.

Source: Mirror UK

Its £205 “grunge look” Horace hooded denim jacket featured an emblem worn by Second World War SS troops. The ancient Norse odal rune, which is similar to a swastika, was used to symbolise Adolf Hitler’s belief in a pure Aryan race.

Just to be clear an ancient Norse odal has straight arms, lacking the distinctive up-turned “surrender” arms of the SS odal. The Nazis shamelessly appropriated others’ symbols as their own and forever tainted them, so sometimes it can be hard to establish the shift from ancient symbol to Nazi beliefs. I’m not sure how much that matters though as the Norse odal is often displayed by white supremacist groups in general, so it’s pretty clearly a symbol of hate.

However, CPAC specifically chose the very distinct Nazi odal as their platform, which cannot be confused with any other time or affiliation other than Hitler. CPAC went out of their way to use the exact symbol banned in Germany, which tracks back logically to 2016 NSM announcements that Donald Trump was their man to carry Nazism into American government.

Another consideration is that the SS wearing the odal infamously rejected allegiance to constitution or government, instead pledging to follow only Hitler. Before 1934, the German pledge had this opening phrase:

I swear loyalty to the Reich’s constitution…

After 1934 in a Nazi dictatorship, the pledge was changed to this:

I swear to God this holy oath that I shall render unconditional obedience to Adolf Hitler…

When I say “their man” I mean it would be further proof of this CPAC odal significance if we see Nazis at the same event trying to emphasize worship of a single man, instead of allegiance to a constitution.

Sure enough, CPAC was trotting out bizarre and gaudy statues of Trump for people to pledge themselves his obedient follower.

Source: UpWorthy

Of course, some always will say they can’t see the rune connection (as if stages just come out naturally this particular way), or the connection to NSM isn’t clear enough yet.

That claim of blindness is precisely why the stage was in the shape of an odal instead of a swastika, as the NSM revealed to us at the start of this blog post.

Nazis love to play dumb and lie about their intentions and meaning, forcing their targets to waste time trying to stop the “permanent improvisation” of tyranny. A toddler-like complete lack of responsibility for actions is a defining characteristic of Nazism (not to mention Facebook management).

Perhaps it helps to put it like this: in October of 2020 viewers of a TV show complained that a man had the obvious Nazi symbol “88” clearly tattooed on his face. The TV program confidently countered that there was no connection; in fact they claimed a very important meaning that would shame anyone criticizing the 88.

At first the channel defended Lumsden, a joiner from Bristol, stating that similarity between his tattoos and Nazi symbols was “entirely incidental” and that background checks had confirmed he had no links or affiliations to racist groups or views. It was said the number 88 referred to 1988, the year of Lumsden’s father’s death.

Death of his father must have been so traumatic, that year so deeply meaningful, he incidentally put a large 88 permanently on his face. Makes sense, right? So everyone stopped thinking it was a Nazi symbol… until someone smart called the man’s father to confirm whether he died in 1988.

The Daily Mail subsequently tracked down Lumsden’s father Trevor, who lives close to his son and who declared to a reporter: “I’m here aren’t I? I’m alive and kicking, so I’m not dead yet.”

Such blatant disregard for truth is par for course with Nazis these days. If you want to read more about Nazi symbolism hiding in plain sight, I have another blog post that offers even more detailed background and modern examples.

CPAC wouldn’t have used the Nazi odal if they thought they couldn’t spin lame Lumsden-like excuses and get away being irresponsible for promoting Nazism. They also wouldn’t have used the Nazi odal if it didn’t promote Nazism.

Those are the basic facts for America today, and at this point it’s clear Trump is attempting to run on nothing more than the “white grievance” platform of Nixon and Reagan — white insecurity political influence of the KKK (heavily “Nazified” by David Duke, as Trump himself admired in 2000).

The Nazis really runed CPAC this year.

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